Friday, 18 August 2017

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Club registration for term 1 is now open. Please click the link below to register your child.

Here are the clubs being offered for Term 1. 


Just Dance for Y1-2. Exercise and dance at the same time. Please wear trainers.

Tag Rugby for Y1-2. A fun and active club where Year 1 and 2 children can learn a new invasion game and develop their throwing, catching and teamwork skills.  

Cutting and Pre-Writing for Y1-2. Have fun practising your cutting and writing and watch your skills improve.

Paper Doll Crafts for Y1-3. Show off your creativity and make dolls and their clothes out of paper.

Colouring Club for Y1-3. Enjoy colouring pictures with your friends.

Thai Reading for Y1-3.  Practise your Thai reading skills!

Library for Y1-3. Enjoy storytelling & making crafts.

Global Action for Y1-6. Learn more about ways we can help our environment and our communities and, more importantly, take action towards doing so.

Football for Y3-6. Improve your football skills!

Yoga for Y3-6. Yoga is focused on specific postures and physical exercises that will tone up muscles and increase your flexibility.

Gardening for Y3-6. Be a part of the exciting GIS gardening project.

Flower Making for Y3-6. Learn how to make beautiful flowers using paper. Children pay 80 baht for materials.

Strings Ensemble for Y4-6. Ever wanted to learn a string instrument? Here’s your chance.

Language Fun for Y4-6. In this club you are going to play games, act and be creative with language. A great opportunity to improve your English and have some fun doing it!

Cricket for Y4-6. Cricket is a traditional British game played with a bat and ball.

Inline skating for Y3-6. Bring your inline skates for some fun and practise! Don’t forget your safety gear.

First Aid for Y6. Learn basic First Aid and know what to do in an emergency. All Y6 students must take this club at some point over the year.


Play-Doh for Y1-2. Make play dough and use it to make a variety of amazing objects.

Construction for Y1-2. Have some fun and be creative using a variety of materials such as Lego, Duplo and even junk.

Samba Soccer for Y1–2. For pre-registered students only.

Handwriting for Y1-3. Improve your handwriting!

Colouring Club for Y1-3. Enjoy colouring pictures with your friends.

Crafts for Y1-3. Make amazing fun crafts. Every week is different!

Pirate Club for Y1-3. Have fun with pirate games and be creative! Make pirate stuff using a variety of materials.

Aerobics Fun Dance for Y1-4. Learn some new moves and get some exercise at the same time!

Tangrams for Y1-6. Children will have fun completing tangram puzzles by moving and rotating 7 shapes. This is a fun way to improve problem solving and visual spatial skills.

ICT for Y1-6. Learn new ICT skills, or improve the ones you have.

Playing cards for Y3-6. Bring a deck of cards and learn to play amazing new games.  

Running for Y4-6. Runners will gain a tremendous amount of self-confidence and self-esteem as they transform into fitter, stronger, faster athletes. 

Scrapbooking for Y3-5. Scrapbooking will allow students to explore their creative side by making their own unique books.

Mandarin for Y3-5. Improve your Mandarin skills.

Basketball for Y4-6. Improve your bouncing and shooting skills and have fun at the same time.

Badminton for Y5-6. Badminton is a fun sport played using racquets to hit a shuttlecock across a net or line (without a net).

Basic Muay Thai for Y5-6. Muay Thai provides specific techniques for self-defence and boosts physical stamina. 

Spanish for Y6. This club is for students who already speak some Spanish and want to improve.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Welcome to Year 2017-18. School starts again on Thursday August 17. Looking forward to seeing you then.