Wednesday, 24 May 2017

What's in a flower?

We have been learning about the life cycle and parts of flowering plants. To see for ourselves, some children brought in flowers from home for us to investigate. We worked in groups to take the flowers apart and find the main parts: the petals, anther, filament, stigma, style, ovary, pollen and ovules.

We learnt that different flowers are structured very differently, though they all have the same parts inside them.  Here are some photos of the children learning about flowers.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Club Registration Term 2

Club registration for term 2 is now open. Please click the link below to register your child.

Monday, 13 March 2017

Here are the clubs being offered for Term 2. 

Day 3
Kite making and flying Y1-6- Have fun making and flying different kinds of kites in this club.
Global Action Y1-6 - Get involved and learn about how we can make our school and our wold a better place by taking action on environmental and social justice issues.
Parkour Club Y3-6Basic Parkour skills training, fitness, core strength and gymnastics combined. There will be some tumbling, and lots of running! Aim is to be able to step run, rail run, vault and bar turn safely.
Cartoon Club Y1-3 Have fun watching educational cartoons in this club.
Boxing and self-defence training Y5-6- Come and learn a bit of boxing and other martial arts. Be prepared to have fun but work hard.
Harry Potter ClubY4-6- Children will explore the Harry Potter Universe through role-play, crafts, reading and watching.
First Aid Y6- Learn basic First Aid and know what to do in an emergency. All Y6 students must take this club at some point over the year.
Badminton Y4-6- Badminton is a racquet sport played using racquets to hit a shuttlecock across a net/ a line (without a net).
Making flowers Y3-6- We will make different kinds of flower from paper.
Playing cards Y1-6- Ordinary Playing Cards can be used to play many different types of games. We try out some games where you need to be lucky, think carefully or just be very fast.
Football Y1-3- Improve your football skills!
The Cities of Gold  Y4-6- Learn more about Spanish culture
Thai Stories Y1-6 - Learning Thai stories by reading and acting!
Mandarin Y3-6 – For returning students only
Lego Y1-3 - Building with Lego is a great opportunity for children to use their skills and imaginations to create things and use them in play.
Free Drawing Y1-3 - Improving students’ drawing skills
Play dough Y1-3 Make art and craft using play dough
Tux paint Y1-3- Tux paint is a computer literacy drawing activity. Kids are presented with a blank canvas and a variety of drawing tools to help them be creative.
Handwriting Club Y1-3 - The handwriting club will be focused on correct letter formations and handwriting stamina.
Invasion games Y4-6- An active sports club focusing on the skills, ability and tactics needed for invasion games such as tag rugby, hockey and football.
Storytelling and Crafting- Develop students' communicative skills by linking stories they have been told to different kinds of crafts they make. The activity gives both 'edutainment' and a sense of 'hyperlink' which are advantageous for students' studies in every subject at all levels.

Day 5
Origami Y1-6- Origami is the art of paper folding. The goal is to transform a flat sheet square of paper into decorative shapes and figures.
UNO Y3-6- Have fun playing this all-time favourite card game.
Homework Y3-4- Homework club offers children the chance to complete their homework, or to finish any work they didn't finish in class time. This is a great chance for students to also tick off tasks from their optional homework matrix.
Boxing and self-defence training Y5-6- Come and learn a bit of boxing and other martial arts. Be prepared to have fun but work hard.
Movie Club Y4-6- Children will have the opportunity to enjoy a range of cinema, including famous and poignant children's films.
Just Dance Y1-3- Develop your dance styles!
Crafts Y4-6 - Create things from recycling materials
Swimming Club (Yr1-2) - Introduces children to 3 different strokes: freestyle, breaststroke and backstroke.
Swimming (Yr3-6) – Swimming sessions include: Aquatic Breathing, Streamlining Travel & coordination
Recycling-Y1-6 Recycling is the practise of reusing items that would otherwise be thrown away as trash. How does recycling help the environment? We will look at ways to reduce / reuse as well as recycle.
Pre-writing and Colouring Y1-3- Will help students develop their pencil control and concentration using a wide range of activities.
Eco Music Club Y3-6- Music ensemble will include instruments from recycled materials e.g. bottle, cardboard etc.
String Ensemble Y4-6- String ensemble in preparation for the Summer Concert
Book CraftingY4-6 Focuses on students' creativity and appreciation on books. In the crafting process, students learn how to make different kinds of books, journals, diaries, bookmarks, etc., including composing easy texts/stories to suit their crafts. It is hope that, after doing this activity, students' reading motivation and appreciation will arise.
Tux paintY1-3 Tux paint is a computer literacy drawing activity. Kids are presented with a blank canvas and a variety of drawing tools to help them be creative.
Boxing and self-defence training Y5-6 Come and learn a bit of boxing and other martial arts. Be prepared to have fun but work hard.

Chess Y3-6 – A two-player strategy board game played on a chessboard.

Friday, 10 February 2017

Phala Beach Trip

On Tuesday February 7, Year 5 visited Phala Beach to explore and investigate our local environment. Our first stop was the pier. We looked at how the area is being used and discovered that there are many fishermen in the area who rely on the the ocean to live. We spoke with some people who were fishing on the pier and did our best not to scare the fish away.
After the pier we went over to the beach and had a walk around. We observed that one end of the beach was much cleaner than the other. We also discussed the strengths of the area and then commented on some of the threats facing the environment.
Before leaving to come back to school, we stopped for an ice cream at one of the shops on the beach and cooled ourselves down after our walk in the sun.
What a great way to spend a morning learning!

Friday, 13 January 2017

Barge Trip Day Three

The engine started very early this morning to get us back to meet our school buses back at our starting point. And who would have ever believed that, although the grownups were up, the children were all still sleeping at morning wake up time?!? They all woke up well rested and ready to greet a beautiful day on the river. We were all rewarded with a perfect sunrise today as we happily sipped our hot chocolate and waited for the barge to dock us at the Pathum Thani market,  where we split into our barge crews and bought some food to share for breakfast.
After breakfast, we learned about water hyacinths and explored some living plants as well as the macro invertebrates that call them home. We also created group stories to learn how these plants came to exist in the Chao Phraya River.
We reviewed all our learning and were so excited to learn we'd each won 11 million baht to use to reinvent the river areas! It was wonderful to see the children drawing plans for environmentally friendly living spaces that would preserve and conserve this vital water source.
Then, as we approached our final docking pier, we had a last meal on the barge, packed and gathered all our belongings and said goodbye to our caring and knowledgeable trip leaders, Jonas, Robin and Bew.
Then, all safely buckled into the school buses, we had a sleepy ride back to school, everyone excited about seeing their families after three busy days away.
All in all, a great trip!

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Barge Trip Day 2

We have had a very busy day today! We started with a yummy breakfast of French toast with honey and morning glory with rice . Then we headed onto land for a nature walk to the the variety of natural objects in our immediate environment. We had some run around time and then reboarded the barge for some more science investigations. We used binoculars to search for and identify birds and also learned how the shape of a bird's beak helps it to find food. We also learned about the main rivers in Thailand that make up the Chao Phraya River. And all this before lunch!
In the afternoon we went swimming in Bang Sai Bay and then talked about how the river is used by people. We returned to our dock and then left the barge to play some more running around games. Now it's one last group game and then dinner. What a day!

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Barge Trip Day 1

After leaving school bright and early in the morning, we arrived at the barge around 11.30am, absolutely starving! Straight onto the barge it was for a safety briefing and a game and then...LUNCH!! We headed north on the river, full of excitement. Our first stop was Koh Kret, where we explored the little island on foot, spoke to some local residents and then had a pottery lesson.  We also got to do a bit of shopping (Mr Mark bought chili plants!). Then back to the barge for snack time and a river observation lesson and story. Now, the children are busy with barge crew tasks and enjoying a bit of free time. Here are some photos of today's activities.